carta escursionistica delle alpi apuane

The new interactive map of the Apuan Alps is made for hikers, trekkers, climbers, and in general for anybody approaching the Apuan Alps for pleasure or study.

Among the interactive points of the map you also find the main Apuan geosites, inserted under the courtesy of the Geo-Park of the Apuan Alps. Clicking those you’ll access a detailed description.

Widescreen map (also mobile version)

In spite of the care and attention dedicated to the making of the map, there might be errors or omissions. Any suggestions or critical comments would be appreciated via the contact form.

We want to emphasize that hiking trails indicate the location of a path but not its difficulty, condition or maintenance. To get this information hikers are invited to read an up-to-date list published by the CAI of Massa, and to get due information about weather and snow conditions.

WebMapp declines all responsibility for accidents or damage to people or things, occurred during the use the map of the Apuan Alps.